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Band-AidLast week was Social Media Week in New York, and it was filled with Web industry events.

My company, alone, led four.

And I, personally, collected close to a hundred business cards.

As we all know, business card exchanges require taking your cards out of your pocket and putting others into your pocket. Then you have to handle and sort them in the days after.

That’s a lot of paper handling. And if those business cards have sharp edges and corners, they tend to poke and cut dry skin (especially in the winter). You can call me a wimp, but was the case with me, and it’s not a good experience. Obviously, it’s a bad first impression for any prospect to have with a company.

Mandate: If first impressions (and injuries) matter to you or your company, then you should invest in nice, round business cards. I’m not implying gold-plated business cards, like one of Hank Williams, Jr.’s agents once gave me several years ago (although those are nice, too). But they should look good and, most importantly, feel good and do no harm.

More on business card etiquette here.

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Father, sailor and marketing executive.

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  1. I like the roundy feel part but there may be further paper shuffling getting them right way round to read them. Can we cut a slight notch or inward curve to indicate the top? 
    your fan in Oz

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