My First Press-Interview Request Via Facebook

Every week I receive a few press-interview requests through AttentionMax — either because some journalists are regular readers, or because they stumbled upon me during a Google search. Requested topics usually have something to do with my outlook on technology, advertising, marketing and media.

While my blog is one attraction, today I received my first press-interview request via Facebook. A journalist at a market-research trade publication asked to speak with me regarding my thoughts on the opportunities of social networks as sources of research data and insight. In a way, his discovery of me on Facebook coupled with my agreement to speak with him begins to answer his own question. Indeed, it was the Facebook network which enabled him to identify, affiliate and contact a key information source (me), one highly engaged in the topic he’s interested in researching himself. Of course, this is an interview where the company I work, and my position there, will play a relevant, official and fully-disclosed role.

Broadly speaking, I think there is something to say about having company reps in key social hubs, particularly ones that are extremely active and have very organized structures around topics relevant to the company. Conversely, beyond my example above, I’m seeing more journalistic organizations get active institutionally in such hubs, as well as on grass roots levels. It’s all about facilitating connections among stakeholders and customers in more effective, fluid ways.

Published by Max Kalehoff

Father, sailor and marketing executive.

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