My Adventures In Myspace…Chapter 1

(A MySpace Advertiser)

I’m perplexed at how many marketing executives are awed by MySpace but have not joined the community to experience what it’s all about. That’s like being awed by sex but never actually trying it — and concurrently believing obvservation is an equal substitute.  Give me a break.

So I rejoined MySpace again last week to better understand what all the rage is about. I joined about a year ago and eventually dropped out; I just got too busy. But I’m back with a vengeance. Here are highlights from my first week back in MySpace, from a marketer perspective:

  • Youth and music define the culture. This is a commitment and philosophy that Friendster and many other social networks don’t have and which may enable MySpace’s strong presence beyond the hype of 2006.
  • MySpace is an expression megaphone, as it provides users numerous ways to fulfill this funamental human drive: site music, backgrounds, emoticons, videos, relationship/friends ratings, etc.
  • It’s a closed and open network at the same time. There are proprietary social networking functions, but it is very discoverable and obvservable to non-members.
  • MySpace may not be XXX, but it sure is promiscuous, as evidenced by the advertisment above that popped up after replying to a "be-my-friend" invite from LeeAnn Prescott at Hitwise (who already is my friend). Oh yeah, I"ve also been "approached" by about five other girls in the past week who "want to be my friend." No guys have contacted me yet, other than Tom the MySpace Mascot.

Stay tuned for further reports on my MySpace adventures. 


Published by Max Kalehoff

Father, sailor and marketing executive.

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