Connecting And Heckling During Advertising Week

I’ll be around and about during Advertising Week in New York, especially the interactive and new-marketing events like OMMA, MIXX and the ARF’s Word-Of-Mouth Marketing and “Influencers” event. Let me know if you’ll be crossing my path and would like to meet up.

If you have any interest in heckling me, I’ll be moderating a Monday OMMA discussion on “Defensive Branding” — with special guests David Dunne of Edelman, Rob Key of Converseon and Keith O’Brien of PRWeek. I’ll also be supporting a Tuesday OMMA discussion on “Emerging Metrics,” led by David Smith of Mediasmith. Specs on those appearances here.

Finally, here’s a little Advertising Week fun fact. The Advertising Week Web site is completely NOT optimized to supersede ad-blocking technology. In the example below, I share my browser screen shots of with Adblock Plus disabled, then Ad-Blocker Plus enabled. A startling contrast, to say the least!

Advertising Week Web site with AdBlock Plus Disabled

advertisingweek without adblocker_09-12-07


Advertising Week Web site with AdBlock Plus Enabled

advertisingweek with adblocker_09-12-07

Now which ad execs still think the new order of consumer control and permission-based marketing aren’t destroying the glory days of mass, interruptive and interceptive marketing techniques?

I’ve said it before, I’m an evangelist for a healthy, thriving marketing and advertising industry. It’s my chosen field, it pays the bills, and it’s what I love. Love? Yes, love, and I’ll say that no matter how corny it sounds. Even when I go home, I think about this business a lot, I experiment on my own, I read, study, write, publish, etc. These are actually very exciting times where, rather than celebrating advertising’s past or existing glory (which the public increasingly seems to want to use technology to block out), we should be celebrating, fearing, embracing and defining the future. I don’t think advertising’s past will look much like its future.

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