Marketers Must Not Enable Spyware Agents

Will Waugh at the Association of National Advertisers warns about advertisers’ “unknowing participation, through brokers, in spyware dissemination.”

This is a serious problem. Putting the scumbag spyware people aside, marketers – willingly or unknowingly – are the enablers.… Read the rest

Consumer-Generated Media Inextricably Linked To Broadband

Here’s my latest OnlineSpin Column in MediaPost:

THE PEW INTERNET & AMERICAN Life Project recently issued its Home Broadband Adoption 2006 report, which rightly devoted significant attention to consumer-generated media (CGM). Based on two U.S.Read the rest

Social Media Will Help Police Net Neutrality

On net neutrality… reports that:

BellSouth officials denied Friday that they had blocked consumer sites MySpace and YouTube, although customers in Florida and Tennessee said that they were unable to access them.

BellSouth customers filled the Technorati blog Thursday and Friday, complaining that they had not been able to access YouTube, which stores and plays back user-generated videos, and MySpace, a social networking site for teens.

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