Advertising Screen Tailors Ads To Its Audience

The new scientist reports on this nifty out-of-home advertising system:

A smart advertising display monitors Bluetooth gadgets in its vicinity, ensuring audiences see only the most appropriate ads, with minimal repeats.

The display detects the presence of devices fitted with Bluetooth wireless transmitters carried by people walking past, such as cellphones and PDAs.

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Why YouTube? Why Not Revver?

I like YouTube, the social video hosting Web site. But why would anyone upload their video work to YouTube when there’s Revver? Revver shares advertising revenue with the owner of the work, and YouTube does not, as far as I know. The only reason I would justify uploading my personal work to YouTube is if I didn’t care about generating any revenues, only populariy.… Read the rest

Non-Telecom Internet Giants Stand Up For Net Neutrality

AdAge reports that Internet businesses and consumer groups don’t want the U.S. Senate to reject net neutrality legislation the way the House of Representatives did. To avoid giving another victory to nation’s phone companies, Google, Yahoo and other Web giants plan to launch an unprecedented grass-roots marketing campaign targeting Web users.… Read the rest