He Who Smelled It Dealt It

One of the most subtle yet powerful forces are the sites, touches, tastes and smells that forge into childhood memories. On the latest Cast of Dads podcast, we discussed how those childhood memories and associations — good and bad — permeate our brains and live with us for the rest of our lives.… Read the rest

Google’s Latest Search Story Makes You Realize How Much Crap You Have To Buy When Having A Baby

TechCrunch underscored how Google’s latest search-story television commercial “makes having a baby seem really depressing” — thanks to all the obvious and hidden costs. True, having a baby is a life-changing event, and  it for forces you to buy all kinds of crap and choose all kinds of very expensive services, like hospital and prenatal care.… Read the rest

Gory Tales & Invaluable Tips On Treating Child Injuries

It seems like everyone has at least one extraordinary, gory story involving cuts, burns or broken bones. And that’s especially true for parents, who not only carry their own battle scars, but witness and tend to the injuries of their precious children.… Read the rest