Extraordinary Birthday Entertainment For Young Children & Their Parents

With a daughter and son, age two and three, I’ve been to several toddler and kid birthday parties. And I have many more ahead of me, of course. Most are enjoyable though not extraordinary. However, I just attended one that was — a reptile birthday party.… Read the rest

Registering The Internet Domain Names Of Your Kids

Who owns the Web site address www.[your child’s first and last name].com? Hopefully you do!


Internet domain names are hugely important in establishing identity and visibility on the Web. That’s why I registered my own name several years ago (and have it redirect to this site).… Read the rest

Oh Snip!

Our latest episode of Cast of Dads is hilarious as always, but it also is a public service announcement — for that topic most husbands, wives, moms and dads either confront or consider at some point: the vasectomy. With full honesty and humility, I learned more than ever about this sensitive, sometimes awkward subject during this discussion with the dads.… Read the rest

Happy Father’s Day

We recorded the Cast of Dads special Father’s Day episode early last week. It’s a hilarious discussion covering Father’s Day gifts, beer, Swedish moms, more beer, steaks and dry ice. Trust me, we’ve got something not only for dads, but moms, grandparents and anyone seeking a humorous, unvarnished slant on parenting and life.… Read the rest