Extraordinary Birthday Entertainment For Young Children & Their Parents

With a daughter and son, age two and three, I’ve been to several toddler and kid birthday parties. And I have many more ahead of me, of course. Most are enjoyable though not extraordinary. However, I just attended one that was — a reptile birthday party. My son’s friend turned five, and his parents hired “Johnny the reptile man” for the party. He brought with him corn snakes, a boa constrict0r, baby aligator, snapping turtles, tarantulas, hissing cock roaches and bull frogs, among other reptiles. The kids and parents were captivated, and there were ample opportunities to pet or hold every single critter. Don’t worry, Johnny came prepared with several bottles of Purell, because these animals do carry germs. (The accompanying photo is from a different snake party.)

If you’re interested in learning about this and other birthday entertainment ideas, be sure to check out our latest episode of the Cast of Dads podcast. With the summer heat wave impacting most of us in the Northeast, we also tackled swimming pool risks and safety. That heat wave also made our discussion a little quirky, if not hilarious. You can subscribe or via iTunes or through our RSS podcast feed.

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(Photo credit: Tim Pierce.)

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