TiVo, A “New Research” Company

USAToday and NYTimes today report that TiVo has started a research division to sell passive viewer and behavioral data about users of the service. TiVo’s mining and selling its data is a no-brainer, of course! What’s most interesting is they have a self-selected group of super-TV watchers, or early adopters, in which to tap into for emerging trends and viewer behaviors.… Read the rest

George Bush’s Gift To The New York Times

(click for hi-res)

If conversation is the media industry’s new currency and engagement indicator, then George Bush’s backlash over the New York Times’s recent coverage of the Department of Treasury’s anti-terrorism money-tracking program was nothing short of a huge, early, fat Christmas present.… Read the rest

Mining Search Data for Market Intelligence

Naga Krothapalli from iProspect wrote a guest column for iMedia on search-data mining, and it is eerily similar to a MediaPost search column I wrote back in January this year. Are we all nothing more than a bunch of tire kickers, preaching the same old gospel day in and day out?… Read the rest

Hurricane Preparedness: Search Versus Talk

Bill Tancer at Hitwise referenced a drive-time radio news story asserting that Hurricane Katrina has led to increased concern and preparedness for the 2006 Hurricane season which starts today. He offers the chart below showing search term breadth: searches for all terms containing "hurricane" over a fifteen-month period. … Read the rest