More Video Interviews With Luminaries on “Engagement”

Over at Engagement By Engagement, I’ve continued video interviews with media, marketing and advertising luminaries around the subject of Engagement. I’ve got several scheduled interviews during Advertising Week (next week), and I plan to do a lot of spontaneous ones as well.… Read the rest

Pew Advertises Blog Survey On Technorati…A New Era In Market Research Sampling Techniques

Nationwide Random-Digit-Dial (RDD) telephone survey methodologies are great for producing for very general middle-America projections, and there’s a place for them. But they can be useless if you’re seeking to collect insights from smaller segments or niches, such as power bloggers.… Read the rest

Laurent Flores: Research 2.0

Laurent Flores of CRMMetrix has a great post today on Research 2.0:

Listening is certainly the future, as researchers finally realize than their "raw materials" to produce data and insights: "Respondents" are getting more power, and as such the old traditional model of "forced questions" to get answers will soon die.

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TiVo’s Big Research Opportunity Is Not Ad-Skipping


Please join the discussion and comment here on my latest MediaPost OnlineSpin column, where I chime in on TiVo’s new Audience Research Measurement (ARM) service:

[M]any onlookers – especially in the trade and business press – have framed TiVo’s announcement not only as a service to generate revenues, but a way to coddle up to advertisers, by helping them understand an ad problem it spawned in the first place.

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