There’s No Love In The Air This Valentine’s Day, Only Freezing Rain, Grounded Airplanes and Discombobulated Customer Service

What a long day of non-travel, this icy Valentine’s Day in New York! By 2pm today, I’d been booked on three different flights from New York to Orlando, each of them cancelled nearly as fast as I could reserve a seat on the next one. This day has spanned two airports and nearly four hours of driving, including near-collisions with three tractor trailers and ten passenger cars. Poor weather and travel delays are to be expected in February in this area. I just wish the airlines and corporate travel agents could get their act together and bridge their databases so flight status can be consistent, real-time, and pushed to me via email – versus me struggling to get conflicting information from them, across their Web sites and ill-staffed call centers.

Published by Max Kalehoff

Father, sailor and marketing executive.

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