Only In My Thirties, But Feeling Old

I’m not too far into my thirties, but I’m feeling old…

  • Scott Donaton of AdAge says that his 9-year-old is really the one to ask when it comes to determing how media should redefine themselves.
  • I was at a meeting last week when Shelly Palmer of Advanced Media Ventures Group told the story of how his three-year-old nephew came to visit and claimed the TiVo was broken.
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I’ve Become A Citizen Journalist!

I recently posted about New Yorkers stampeding Trader Joe’s during the New York City opening weekend. I captured the action on my Treo 650 during a date with my wife to that fine store, which we couldn’t get into after all. Well, that picture of the stampede was discovered by the Gothamist, via Flickr.… Read the rest

Google Courts Desperately Seeking Singles, And Many Others

Google just launched Google Romance! Not. It’s the latest anticipated April Fools prank, but it’s not as good as Robert Scoble’s prank. But on a serious note, Google is a serious romance tool. It is perhaps the most used and most important tool among lonely hearts who: a) frequent dating Web sites, b) agree to go on a blind date or c) date at all, really.… Read the rest

Are We Having a Conversation Yet? An Art Form Evolves

…is the headline of a recent NYTimes review by Edward Rothstein about Stephen Miller’s new book, "Conversation: A History of a Declining Art." From the review, it seems to be a very interesting book, and I think I’ll check it out from the library.Read the rest

Edd Kalehoff Makes Love To The Moog Synthesizer

You should check out the recent documentary about the late Bob Moog, humble visionary and inventor of the synthesizer. This was a milestone invention, which had a massive influence on music over the past 40 years. Edd Kalehoff – my father and one of the most prolific television music composers of the last 30+ years – was friends with Moog and one of his earliest beta customers.Read the rest