Nielsen BuzzMetrics Is Hiring!

How would you like to work alongside me and a bunch of other people smarter than me, to help define a burgeoning industry we call consumer-generated media measurement? My employer, Nielsen BuzzMetrics, is hiring. We’re looking for an ambitious, hard-working New York-based junior marketing manager with two years of relevant experience.Read the rest

Someone Has to Pay for TV. But Who? And How?


“Someone Has to Pay for TV. But Who? And How?” is the title of a good column in the Sunday NYTimes by Randall Stross about the changing model of television programming and advertising in the age of digital-video recorders (DVRs) and viewer propensity to skip ads.Read the rest

694 Million People Use the Internet Worldwide

comScore Media Metrix, where I used to work, says that 694 million people use the Internet worldwide. My gut tells me that estimate is a bit low. But it’s awesome they’re producing the first ongoing estimates, which can be challenged and debated, as well as studied to reveal usage behaviors and trends.Read the rest