Please Please, No Cloned Farm Animals In My Diet!

Despite the shortcomings of my own diet, I just don’t feel good about eating cloned farm animals. And according to discussions in the blogosphere, numerous others also disapprove of the FDA’s tentative decision to stamp the "freak food" edible.… Read the rest

The “Plogue à Champlain” Is Great In Montreal!

Following up on my vacation post on poutine – the Montreal specialty of French fries with gravy, cheese and other greasy stuff piled high – I’m happy to report we’ve found a new specialty to clog our arteries: “Plogue à Champlain” at restaurant Au Pied De Cochon.… Read the rest

Summer Has Arrived

I usually keep AttentionMax focused on marketing, media and those subject’s impact on life. But summer has arrived and it just feels good — good to get outside and away from this life-sucking computer. So far this Memorial Day Weekend, I planted my window boxes (here), enjoyed a BBQ with a long-time friend (here), took a quick stroll around Coney Island (here) and walk around Prospect Park (here).… Read the rest