The Diaper Conspiracy

With two toddlers, our family has invested several thousand dollars in diapers, and we’re not finished yet. A recent discussion with our pediatrician revealed some interesting insights about the diaper industry.

The diaper industry has become more sophisticated over the years.… Read the rest

When It Comes To Bullying, The Problem Is People, Not Technology

knock out!

By now, you’ve heard the news of the Rutgers freshman and violinist who committed suicide after his roommate secretly filmed him during a sexual encounter in his dorm room and posted it on the Web. It’s a tragedy, and it’s sparked a lot of debate about a “new dangerous era wrought by the Internet.”… Read the rest

He Who Smelled It Dealt It

One of the most subtle yet powerful forces are the sites, touches, tastes and smells that forge into childhood memories. On the latest Cast of Dads podcast, we discussed how those childhood memories and associations — good and bad — permeate our brains and live with us for the rest of our lives.… Read the rest

Back From Vacation

Billy-Bob Thumb Sucker Pacifer While I was definitely in the office the past few weeks, many of my peers from the Cast of Dads podcast were on vacation. After a three-week hiatus, we’re delighted to release episode 30, Back From Vacation. In addition to covering vacation highlights, we covered other important dad subjects, like:

Listen To Episode 30, Back From Vacation

  • Getting your kids to lose the pacifier.
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Gory Tales & Invaluable Tips On Treating Child Injuries

It seems like everyone has at least one extraordinary, gory story involving cuts, burns or broken bones. And that’s especially true for parents, who not only carry their own battle scars, but witness and tend to the injuries of their precious children.… Read the rest