My Adventures In MySpace…Chapter 4…From Single To Swinger To Married

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This morning I spent a little time expanding my profile on MySpace. I found out that my marital status was set to default: single. I also discovered that I had the option to select a sexual orientation, hmmmmmm…Bi, Gay, Straight, Not Sure, No Answer? I’ll go with Married and Straight. Acknowledging I’m probably MySpace’s biggest loser with the fewest friends, I wonder if this will change the rate at which women request to be my friend. Will it go up or down? 


Also, if this community is a hit with kids and teens, I wonder what goes through their mind when they come across these questions, especially the latter. This is not cause for the alarm and pandemonium that every sensationalist television news producer and right-wing freak can’t seem to resist. (The fear mongering has got to stop!) However, if you have kids, you may want to be involved in their online lives as much as you would in their offline. And teach them common sense. This is a major gathering spot, and, if not promiscuous, is certainly flirtatious, with much bare skin and adult discussion. Beyond adult stuff, what about bad people and child perverts? You’ve got to keep an eye out for them no matter where in the world you go.


Stay tuned for more adventures in MySpace!

UPDATE: MarckCuban reports that the search engine he’s affilliated with,, has added a MySpace tab, a good tool for parents.

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