Motorola Patents Electric Shock Alerts

MobileTracker reports that:

Motorola has patented a novel approach at getting your attention–a mild electric shock. Unlike vibration alert systems that are standard today, the new Motorola shock technology is completely silent. A small pad that contains electrodes is fastened to the skin and is wirelessly triggered by the mobile phone. The system even offers the ability to set personalized shocks based on who’s calling–just like you can do with ringtones.

I wish everyone had this function (although strong, not mild) in their mobile phone, and that venue-owners had an ability to shock rude users – loud self-important talkers on city sidewalks, doctor offices, trains, restaurants and movie theaters. The shocker also would be good for people who bring their smart phones into one-on-one and group meetings, and to dinner tables.

Speaking of smartphones which encroach on our lives, I have a Treo 650 and it’s awesome, especially the camera and video functionality. And I do like email and calendar on the go. But I wonder how much less productive I’d be without it. I often think smartphones have have four core utilities:

  1. To satisfy one’s cravings and insecurity associated with ADHD
  2. To busy one’s self while in boring meetings
  3. To appear busy and important, especially when around uninteresting or annoying people
  4. To boost one’s image
  5. Safety precaution

What other reasons can you think of?

Published by Max Kalehoff

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