Meet Me At Attention Data Meetup San Francisco
I’m in San Francisco today and tomorrow for a few client meetings and public presentations — including Seth Goldstein‘s Attention Data Meetup.

Goal: Share and give feedback to Web services that use Attention (aka implicit, user-generated behavioral metadata…) in interesting ways. More emphasis on usability, adoption, scaling, and revenue models than before when we were designing the philosophical, moral and theoretical foundation of Attention.

Join us to discuss the effective use of attention data, the development of attention services, and the future of the attention economy. We’ll also consider how AttentionTrust can impact these issues–for more info, please see

I’m going to present some ideas and frameworks around consumer-generated media measurement and analysis — specifically BuzzMetrics, my employer — and the inextricable link to attention. Sign up here if you’d like to meet up and participate in what promises to be an engaging discussion. For one, I’m looking forward to some smart, constructive feedback from participants.

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