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What Is Marketing?

"Easy Button"Heidi Cohen recently asked me to define marketing.

I responded: Marketing is the art and science of creating, delighting and keeping customers, while making a profit and building enterprise value. Marketing integrates, formally or informally, many disciplines and every organizational function. Marketing should embrace the highest ethical standards, respect the environment, and strive to make the world a better place.

Heidi then asked 71 other marketing execs to define marketing, and compiled a nice summary of 12 marketing elements. While a great synthesis, this exercise underscores marketing’s generality and propensity to interpretation and circumstance. As a result, marketing — the term — too often becomes a catch-all phrase that professionals use instead of specifying exactly what they’re doing and trying to accomplish.

Practically speaking, it’s a good idea for an organization to publish its own definition of marketing in order to ensure understanding, align expectations and implement effectively. This is critical because everyone — from employees, customers, partners, investors, board members and more — contributes to the marketing result.

What is your definition of marketing?

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  2. I really agree with your definition. I also made a similar definition some time back and published in under “Definiton of Marketing for new millennium”. We need to promote this line of definiton to appear in famous text books where students and marketers refer.

  3. Thank you for agree with this blogger. 

  4. I was always very apprehensive in defining marketing as I was thinking that I would make and error but your one lines on marketing is just awesome. This is what marketing is.

  5. this helped me alot in my report on wats marketing i liked this definition

  6. Thank you for sharing your perspective! Or maybe I should thank Heidi for popping the question to you. 🙂

    We at the The Outside View Blog
    quoted you as a part of an article titled ‘What is Marketing According
    to Google and I’. The article compiles, analyses and explains the top
    Google search results with the search term “what is marketing”, followed
    by a conclusion on the topic with real life experience and insight.

    We agree, to a very large degree, on what you said. But want to keep the actual definition much more shorter, and as we see it, more concrete. Concrete enough to say in a one sentence and remember easily. As always though, there are as many nuances to a definition, as there are people in the world.

    You can view the article you were quoted at here:

    Jussi P.

    PS. Gongratulation on you Google search rank with this post. At the time we wrote our article, you ranked very high as seen in the article.

  7. This is true marketing is something so wonderful and so large to fit into a concept ora definition can only experience it and live it…Atraer Dinero


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