comScore Launches First Blog


Internet panel measurement firm comScore launched comScore Voices, its first official company blog. The two lead authors are Magid Abraham, CEO, and Gian Fulgoni, chairman. I learned a lot from working closely under Gian during my tenure at comScore; I was actually an early employee at Media Metrix and joined comScore through its acquisition us.

At both companies, I used to write most of the weekly and mothtly public data analyses, and served as a industry analyst and spokesman on such. I would’ve loved to have had a blog platform back then (1998-2003) to share my work, though blogging just was not something many companies officially did, even Internet measurement companies.

But today, if you’re in the measurement business, I think blogging’s a must. It’s a great platform for presenting interesting data and analysis, and for collecting meaningful feedback from a wide range of relevant stakeholders. I since have consulted to a number of measurement companies where I launched blogging programs, including Hitwise and BuzzMetrics (where I currently work fulltime).

On a final, it appears I’m the first Bloglines subsriber to comScore Voices. Though I’m sure there’ll soon be many more. Gian’s first post is a summary of an analysis on Web-browser usage.


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