Breaking News! Popeyes Runs Out Of Chicken
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I thought local broadcast news reached a new low with its widespread, panic-laden coverage of swine flu. I was mistaken. Rochester, NY’s ABC affiliate, WHAM Channel 13, released two weeks ago a scathing report on a Popeyes franchisee which closed early one day because it ran out of chicken. No kidding, a quote from the anchor:

Tonight customers were clucking their disapproval.

The cameraman even captured footage of the smoking gun…um…the store sign explaining the early closure, which read:

Due to high demand for the 8pc for $4.99 we are out of chicken and had to close for the day. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I can’t decide which is worse: dedicating costly production resources to such a meaningless event, or the demeaning undertone of the interviews with drive-thru customers. What do you think?


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