At The Beach

I’m at the beach this week for a family vacation in Sea Isle City, NJ. I’m not going to tell you that posting will be light for a few days (which would require me to boldly assume you really care), but I will tell you I’m posting mini-updates to Twitter via my Treo, which you can see in my sidebar, or via RSS subscription, or by following me within the Twitter community. This Thursday I’ll find a coffee shop with WiFi to do some writing, including my next MediaPost column. I attempted to write this week’s column before leaving for vacation but that didn’t happen amidst the turmoil of packing and exiting. I’m just psyched to be down away on my first family vacation since Julian entered the world. A close second, I’m glad to be out of New York City for these latest couple heat waves. Enjoy!

Published by Max Kalehoff

Father, sailor and marketing executive.

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