50 Reasons Why Your Product And Marketing Sucks

Scott Heifferman lists 50 reasons why more people aren’t using your Web site. It’s a great checklist for interactive marketers and publishers. But a majority of these points are highly relevant to all marketers and advertisers – and particularly mass hawkers of crappy commodity products clamoring for our attention and engagement.

So listen up, marketers and advertising people! Pay attention and engage with this (just think product and marketing instead of Web site):

50 Reasons Why More People Aren’t Using Your Website:

1. Because they don’t want to generate content, they want better life
2. Because it solves a problem they don’t have
3. Because it won’t help them with their problem
4. Because oprah didn’t mention it
5. Because everyone they know isn’t using it
6. Because it doesn’t let them spy on people they care about
7. Because they just don’t care about what they see
8. Because nobody at work said they should use it
9. Because it’s not fun enough
10. Because it doesn’t make them smile
11. Because it doesn’t make or save them a ton of money
12. Because it doesn’t save them a ton of time
13. Because they can’t think of what they’re passionate about
14. Because it doesn’t save lives or save the world
15. Because it’s not as exciting as vegas
16. Because it sounds like a citibank ad and they hate citibank ads
17. Because nobody’s waiting in line for it
18. Because they’ve got jobs & kids & they’re busy
19. Because they’ve got an appointment with american idol
20. Because they’re scared of the computer
21. Because they’ve got enough friends
22. Because they don’t write well
23. Because more people are using craigslist
24. Because you don’t tell them what you want them to do
25. Because nobody will think they’re a loser if they don’t use it
26. Because it’s a thing for weirdos or losers
27. Because it’s clearly something for "computer people"
28. Because someone will steal their identity or snatch their kids
29. Because they don’t understand your college words
30. Because they’re better at something else that you suck at
31. Because they’re not good at the computer
32. Because they were born before 1985
33. Because they’re shy
34. Because it doesn’t work like yahoo or amazon or ebay
35. Because it’s more than 1 screen to learn, unlike google
36. Because they’re depressed
37. Because they don’t want to sit in front of the computer
38. Because they tried to use it, but something got messed up
39. Because they’ve never heard of it
40. Because there’s something better to do
41. Because us-weekly is more interesting
42. Because it says "tags" or "rss" and they feel stupid
43. Because a friend or family member needs them
44. Because they don’t want to look dumb
45. Because they’ve never heard of flickr or delicious either
46. Because there aren’t enough people using it yet to make it useful
47. Because there’s no nudity or celebrities
48. Because it doesn’t tell them why to use it
49. Because it doesn’t get them sex and/or love
50. Because they just don’t want to read what you want them to read

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