I Prefer The Window Seat When I Fly On Jets

A Window Seat View

I arrived in Atlanta this morning via jet. It got me thinking: When flying, many people prefer to have an aisle seat. But not me.

First, I like the window seat so I can see what’s going on outside. The view of the earth from tens of thousands of feet in the sky is breathtaking. Takeoffs and landings are more exhilarating when you can see out. When things go wrong, it’s more comforting when there’s more visibility.

Second, if I’m in the window seat, I have control to keep the shade open or closed, depending on my desire to observe or sleep.

Third, if I do decide to snooze, being in the window seat means I can lean against the cabin interior, which is much more comfortable.

Fourth, being in the window seat means that nobody will bother me so they can get up from their seat — for the lavatory, a stretch, access to the overhead luggage compartment, or to flirt with the stewardess. When I have the window seat, others have to get out of my way.

Finally, sitting in the window seat means no carts or passers-by will graze or slam me while tromping down the aisle.

It’s that simple. I prefer the window seat.

The following video is the view from my window seat upon landing in Atlanta on Monday. I get the window seat again for my trip home to New York (which departs in a few hours).


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