Bedbugs And Head Lice Strike

Bed bug (Cimex lectularius)As a relatively new dad with two toddlers, outbreaks of bedbugs and head lice concern me more than ever before. The health risks, stealth outbreaks and creepy-crawly nature of bedbugs and head lice prompt paranoia and create real problems. These pests are also great at prompting intense discussion, empathy and stories among fellow dads! Indeed, that’s what happened on the latest episode of the Cast of Dads.

C.C. Chapman and Brad Powell, co-hosts on the Cast of Dads, were recently attacked by head lice in their Boston and Austin communities. Head lice are not life-threatening, but they are a major nuisance and uncomfortable for little kids — they feed exclusively on human blood. Getting them out of your scalp calls for all sorts of medicated, natural and homemade (sometimes weird) remedies. Getting them out of your home calls for washing all linens and clothing, vacuuming carpets and upholstery and sterilizing or throwing away hair-care items.

New York, where my family lives, has been under siege by bedbugs. The blood-sucking pests have attacked the Empire State Building, Bloomingdale’s and even the United Nations — not to mention countless hotels, apartments and other venues with attractives nests, including sofas, couches, beds and carpets. Laura and I were considering a night at a fancy New York City hotel for our upcoming wedding anniversary, but our fear of bedbugs killed that plan.

For tales and tips on dealing with outbreaks of these microscopic pests — and keeping your busy household intact — I encourage you to listen to our latest episode of the Cast of Dads.

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  1. Head lice are annoying pets that constantly seem to be lingering at Schools. My daughter’s School Nurse suggested to my wife and I to use Lice Goodbye made from Fairy Tales Hair Care. I’ve never heard of these products until we got that wonderful note advising of an outbreak a few weeks ago. A week later she had lice and eggs in her hair. We used the treatment, which is natural and organic and it worked really well. We now religously use their Rosemary Repel products that are also natural and repel or keep the lice away. We figure if were going to use hair care products in our children’s hair might as well use something that is natural and keeps the lice away…its just an added bonus. For a few bucks more we get peace of mind.

    1. They also have a bed bug spray called Sleep Tite. I just noticed now when I visited their website to place my order. We dont have bed bugs but since you mentioned bed bugs in your blog figured I would mention it. Has good reviews too.

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