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Time’s 50 Best Web Sites

My buddy David Berkowitz pinged me on behalf of Time/CNN for its Top 50 Best Web Sites 2008 feature. For those less Web savvy, it’s a great place to find useful consumer and lifestyle sites that also are simple, free and gratify instantly. Those are good qualities! However, I’m surprised by ones that weren’t included, especially Google. Even more, for the publisher that recently named “You” 2006 Person of the Year, I’m surprised “[enter your name here].com” wasn’t ranked number one!

What are the best sites in my life? A few, but not all, are on Time’s list:

What are your favorites?

  • ASicre

    My list is about the same save for a few additions and subtractions of services I do not use (WordPress, Meebo, Mint – not yet at least). (FD the company I work for). We provide medical reminders via email, text and voice messaging as a free services to patients and caregivers. We also license our technology to industry as a hosted or enterprise solution.

    Twitter has become a fantastic tool to stay abreast of what people are doing and researching (following a handful of Forrester researchers, media types like you, Health 2.0 leaders, etc…).

    Google (Gmail, Blogger, AdWords, Search)

    LinkedIn, Jigsaw, Facebook (Food Network site to look up recipes), & (recipes but not as thorough).

    I do a lot of health and wellness research, and use some interesting sites for facts: Kasier Family Foundation: and;,, – not for everyone though unless you want to get depressed about the state of healthcare in the US.

    I read a lot of blogs more than news sites – is that irresponsible?


  • maxkalehoff

    Thanks Alex! Are you irresponsible for reading blogs more than news sites?
    NO! You naturally gravitate to where you garner the most value. It's more
    about connecting the dots, which Scott Karp started to hint on in his good
    but complex post here:

  • Stephen Tompkins

    HiMax –

    I like all those sites. I just wish Mint updated more often. I find the info not in sync with my actual statements if I go to the bank site. I have been really enjoying lately.

    and so many more…

  • maxkalehoff

    Thanks Stephen. I love Mint, but see your pain…I'm being patient with them
    because they keep making the service better. Mint's a lot like my company,
    Clickable. An overlay of other Web services to bring simplicity, instant
    gratification and profitability.

  • ASicre


    Thanks for the link. I also forgot to mention When my TiVo misses some things or has double duty!

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  • Jeff

    What a great list, there are many sites that I am using myself

  • nudity

    Thanks,very interesting and useful post

  • Mike mower

    Wow, I think that this is a great list of websites that influenced us most

  • Sunil

    My best site
    1) I have gone across some edu sites. Great ones. Some research materials were published on it regarding nano technology

    2) BBC

    3) National Geographic

    4) WP designer – bcos I want to lrn WP design. this hlpd mea lot

    5) psd tuts

    6) W3 schools Man this is the best site ever.. God bless them

    7) SEOMoz – they have many articles to learn abt SEO

    8) WordPress . . without WP no great blogs

    9) and my blog of course

    wud love if you can chk it out and post your comments

  • Summer Internships

    sadly mint does not work in the uk :(

  • Background Check

    Good list, thanks for the info.

  • Buy diamonds

    Google the number one! It will be started from G

  • muffin9129

    My favorites are of course, but your list is pretty similar. I am a sucker for Yahoo news too. Thanks for the great post. I will have to check out the sites on here that I do not know much about, including your attention one.

  • Pat_R

    I cannot believe some of the most popular sites are not on there. Who did this assessment, it does not seem legitimate. Oh CNN I get it now

  • john191
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