Dads On Steroids

Hamburgers And Hotdogs On The New Weber Grill
Dads on steroids? Not really, but our latest episode of the Cast of Dads podcast received a jolt of something potent.

Episode 14: Car Seats & Common Sense

I’m not sure if it’s spring fever, but my fellow dads were in rare form, tackling such important issues as:

  • Assembling the grill of your dreams.
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World Video Premiere Of Cast Of Dads

We recorded our first video episode of Cast of Dads during South By Southwest (SXSW), the interactive, music and film festival. Jeff, CC and Brad were together in Austin, so Michael and I joined in via video, from San Francisco and New York, respectively. As you’ll quickly see from the video, we jury-rigged a couple of Macs with video Skype to bring our virtual heads directly to the conversation table.… Read the rest