Supernova: Marketers™ Dilemma: Rise of Social Multimedia

My colleague Pete Blackshaw and I just moderated a slightly different workshop at Supernova. This Web 2.0 technology-media conference is largely focused on new technologies, social networks and media disruption, but we tried to mix it up by facilitating a conversation between the social multimedia enablers and the marketers:

Now that user expression is dialing up to a more emotional and viral level through social multimedia platforms — including images, audio and video — how are marketers facing the challenging implications on traditional marketing practices and customer relationships?

In addition to Pete and me, our group included:

  • Stan Joosten, Innovation Manager, Holistic Consumer Communication, P&G
  • Michael Wiley, Director, New Media, GM
  • Curt Hecht, EVP, Chief Digital Officer, GM Planworks
  • Brian Zeug, Category Development Officer-CPG, Yahoo!
  • Oliver Luckett, Co-Founder, Senior Vice President of Network Development, Revver

Key themes from the discussion:

  • Advertising as we know it is dead
  • Social media and consumer empowerment really is recognized as top of mind (at least among the major advertisers on the panel)
  • The media optimization companies, social media companies, and marketers are not exactly sure how they’ll be working together in coming years
  • There will be significant corporate carnage along the way

Thanks to everyone who participated, including Ask A Ninja‘s David Peck, who came in from Los Angeles for the discussion.

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