We’ve been expanding my team at work and interviewing lots of candidates.

We interviewed one candidate who seemed perfect for a certain role — one for which we received nearly 1,000 applications.

This candidate was smart, articulate and a cultural fit. Her experience and focus made her likely to succeed.

Despite being our frontrunner, we eliminated her candidacy because of one small detail: with the exception of me, she neglected to send any teammate she met with a thank-you note.

That omission told me she ignores details, doesn’t respect peers, or isn’t passionate (even though she followed up persistently).

It was frustrating, because we invested so much time and energy in her. We really liked her and needed her, and wanted her to succeed.

But that omission left a unanimous, sour feeling in our stomachs.

The good news is we encountered soon a star candidate, who demonstrated incredible experience, skills, passion and etiquette.

If you are thankful for an opportunity, remember to say “Thank You.”

Photo: John

Published by Max Kalehoff

Father, sailor and marketing executive.