Registering The Internet Domain Names Of Your Kids

Who owns the Web site address www.[your child’s first and last name].com? Hopefully you do!


Internet domain names are hugely important in establishing identity and visibility on the Web. That’s why I registered my own name several years ago (and have it redirect to this site). However, I never registered the domains of my kids’ names, but I should have. I was reminded of how important this is during our last recording of the Cast of Dads, so I immediately went out and registered them. The cost is less than $10 per year per domain, and sites like GoDaddy and Dreamhost make it easy. My family’s last name is not common, so there’s little competition for related domain names (though my dad registered before I could). Still, I want to ensure my kids own their Internet domain names, so they can chose what to do with them, and nobody else.

I made their domain names their first name plus last name plus the domain suffix .com (i.e., People usually identify others by their first and last names, and that’s how they research them in search engines. There are numerous Internet domain suffixes — i.e., .org, .biz, .net, etc. — but I registered their names only with .com because it is the most ubiquitous and important. You could drive yourself crazy trying to register a domain name with every suffix.

In the future, I believe there’s a possibility that Internet domain names may become less important. But until then, I’d rather ensure my kids have first right over their Internet domain name — a key element of their identity on the Web.

To learn more, go listen to the latest episode of the Cast of Dads.

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  1. Great suggestion, Max! After each of my four kids was born, I opened a Gmail account with the address At the time my first was born, having a Gmail account was *the* thing to have, so I don't know if it's still as important. But I encourage family and friends to email them occasionally so when the day comes that they're ready to use email (my oldest is six), they'll have a bunch of mail already waiting!

  2. I actually registered two names prior to the birth of my son. My wife and I couldn't decide on a name and it was worth just doing a one-year reg to ensure I had both locked down. Once we decided and he was born I then renewed his domain for 10 years or whatever was longest. Funny how I thought about it but it was because I lost out on registering MY name as a domain. One Google search surprised me that there are 3 other folks with web presence that have my name as well.

    Good suggestion below about gmail addresses as well!!

  3. That's thinking ahead (for your kids). Did you try purchasing your name domain from the owner? It wouldn't hurt to try — if it's worth enough to you. I've purchased many domains for business, and it's impossible to tell how much a registered domain is worth to an owner…until you ask.

  4. Actually I've met him in person. The problem is that his business IS internet-based graphics/design and gaming design so we joked about it but he's not interested in selling. To be honest, I'm cool with him having it. Although I'm not using a domain that I DO own, I bought it back in '96 and it's perfect for me and it's a 4-character domain.

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