Memorizing Long Conference-Call Passcodes

I often find myself having to join conference calls while on the go — walking, driving or even while standing in lines. Most conference-call services require participants to dial an 800-number, followed by a passcode. That’s reasonable, except when the pass codes are longer than six digits.

Why? On my Blackberry, when I dial the call-in number, it takes me away from the screen with the passcode. When I’m on the go, I can easily remember a six-digit passcode. But anything more than that becomes an annoying mental challenge. The problem is there is a growing tendency for conference-call passcodes to reach nine or even 12 digits or more.

It would be great if conference-call vendors would limit their passcode to six digits. Alternatively, smartphone manufacturers could create a function to automatically memorize long passcodes that are associated with call-in numbers within calendar invites, and then automatically submit the passcode when requested during conference-call meetings.

I still have an ancient Blackberry Curve because it works very well as a workhorse business phone. Do iPhone or Android users have this same issue?

(Photo credit: Rob Giampietro)

Published by Max Kalehoff

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