Hollywood Friends Rally Around Tom Cruise

The freak story gets freakier. Reuters reports on Hollywood’s pandering to Tom Cruise:

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – In a rare public show of support for a beleaguered star, some of Hollywood’s top executives rallied to Tom Cruise’s side on Wednesday as a new poll suggested his odd behavior in recent months may have cost him millions of dollars at the box office.

Among the movie industry heavyweights offering personal testimonials to his talent and bankability were Universal Studios President Ron Meyer, veteran producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Paramount Pictures Chairman Brad Grey, whose company released Cruise’s latest film, "Mission: Impossible III."

"Tom Cruise is one of the most important stars ever in the motion picture business," Ron Meyer, a close friend and former agent, told Reuters. "I don’t know anybody who has had the consistent success rate that Tom has. And nobody should be counting him out."

What’s the discussion of Cruise among bloggers? It appears that mentions of his “weird,” “odd,” and “strange” behavior have reached at least a six-month high.

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