Happy Mother’s Day

If a man were to be indebted to any two women on Mothers Day, it would have to be his own mother and the mother of his kids. That was me this past Sunday, Mothers Day 2009. Below is a picture of my my kids and I — with their mother. Below that is a picture of my kids and I — with my mother, visiting from New South Wales, Australia. It was a beautiful spring day. We ate grilled salmon and vegetables, and the adults drank many margaritas. We ended the day with a nice walk along Long Island Sound.

Mothers Day
Laura, Celeste, Max and Julian
Mothers Day
Nanna Rose, Celeste, Julian and Max
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  1. OMG! Celeste has got the cutest cheeks ever, I just want to nibble her. (what is it about kids that bring out our “cannibalistic” qualities?!) And Julian is quite the big boy, is he just loving having a sister or is hating having to share mom and dad? Too cute…I know you already do, but enjoy them, it just flies by.

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