Accenture: 54% Of Young People Want To Create Their Own Web Content

Jeff Jarvis pointed out a Guardian story (free reg required) summarizing a new Accenture multi-country survey on online video. Here are the two most important points from the Guardian’s write-up:

  1. Almost 40% of internet users download and watch videos on the web, according to a survey of 10,000 consumers. Reflecting the explosion in networking websites such as Bebo and video download site YouTube, the research also found that just over half of all young people (54%) want to create or share their own content on the web.
  2. But there is some good news for the future of television – people would still prefer to watch downloads of video footage on their TV rather than their computer. The survey found that 54% of people would like to download and watch videos on TV, compared with 30% via the internet.

The timing of this research announcement was eerily close to Amazon and Apple’s recent announcements to sell movie downloads online. Then again, the media and technology world is going bonkers over online video, including me. I’m trying to get my hands on the full Accenture Digital Home report. I’d like to know the country breakdown, and definition of "young people," among other things.


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