I’m delighted to see my favorite retailer, Costco, rank second in Glassdoor’s latest poll of the Top 25 Companies for Compensation & Benefits.

Costco was the only retailer on the list, and ranked only behind Google, and ahead of Facebook. Google and Facebook are two other companies I admire tremendously.

But let’s go back to Costco, because, unlike Google or Facebook, it’s a company where direct customer-to-employee interactions comprise a HUGE part of the customer experience.

If you’re a Costco regular, you know that its employees — from the highest execs to the checkout attendants who draw happy faces on the back of your receipts — tend to be happier, more dedicated to their jobs, and more attentive to customers versus employees at other big retailers.

Good compensation and benefits foster employee satisfaction, and that fosters employee engagement, and that fosters a superior customer experience.

See Glassdoor’s full list.

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Published by Max Kalehoff

Father, sailor and marketing executive.