The Information Revolution Is Melding Time And Identity

Modeling the Informational Revolution.
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Peter Kim says:
Social technologies and today’s “always on” culture will certainly need to be factored into the transformation of U.S. automakers – and will eventually impact the way all industries function.  I wonder if this means we’ll return to six- and seven-day work weeks…if we’re not there already.  I imagine more telecommuting, microslicing of days, greater use of social technologies for business.  These seem to be the hallmarks of the “information revolution” to follow the industrial revolution. Strangely enough, the cadence of our work seems to resemble life before the industrial revolution, albeit with a much higher standard of living.  And I’m not sure if things are getting better or worse.
I responded that it’s not just time that’s blurring, it’s identity as well. For example, is beingpeterkim a personal or professional endeavor? Honestly, I can’t tell — yet it’s authentically one. That’s where the real, fundamental sensitivity is emerging as social media infiltrate business and personal life. It’s so central, yet it’s rare to find people tackle the issue head on.
It’s a balance I struggle with everyday. What do you think?
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