The Blogosphere’s Ultimate Power Lies In Its Ability to Empower The Unknown to Instantaneously Harness Passion and Mobilize Masses

While many so-called A-list bloggers would be expected to fill the top ranks of blog posts most linked to, it’s interesting how a relatively unknown blog can quickly capture the passion of thousands and mobilize a community overnight. And that was the case with’s petition against changes in the livejournal interface. The single post was linked to in 801 posts by 786 other blogs, and was the top blog in 2006, ranked according to the number of inbound links from other blogs, according to an analysis we recently conducted at Nielsen BuzzMetrics (my employer).

Overall, a small cluster of power bloggers – focused on politics, blogging and humor – were responsible for the top 100 blog posts for 2006. Crooks and Liars’ posts on Stephen Colbert’s monologue at the White House, and Keith Olbermann commentary on Rumsfeld, were the number 2 and 3 posts, respectively. The Colbert post was linked to in 622 posts on 603 blogs, and the Olbermann was linked to in 359 posts on 340 blogs.

David Sifry, founder and CEO of blog-search engine Technorati, had the fourth most popular post, with his latest state-of-the-blogosphere report. The post was linked to in 339 posts on 298 blogs.

More details of this analysis are here.

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