Privatizing My Online Photos, With Regret

With mixed feelings, I’ve decided to privatize most pictures on my Flickr photo blog. I’ve published nearly everything publicly since I started it a year and a half ago. If you paid attention, you would’ve quickly realized that I loved taking photos of people – often candid, un-staged and with interesting angles and cropping.… Read the rest

Physical Washing May Help Clean Your Conscience

The New Scientist reports that:

The metaphorical desire to wash away one’s sins is not just wishful thinking but evidence of an innate psychological association between moral and physical cleanliness, according to a new study.

Shakespeare’s notorious murderess – who famously shouts “Out damn spot!”

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Niche Media Empower A New Generation Of Parents

I recently interviewed my pregnant wife Laura about her use of online discussion forums in light of her approach into motherhood. What we didn’t delve into was the fact that her hours spent on Urban Baby are often complemented with reality TV programming about pregnancy and newborns, most notably TLC’s A Baby Story and Bringing Home Baby.… Read the rest

Are Deceased Dads Remembered More On Fathers Day Versus Deceased Moms On Mothers Day?

I never thought about this before – perhaps because I’m in my thirties and both my parents are still alive, thankfully – but I just discovered through blog conversation analysis that Mothers Day and Fathers Day are the two days of the year with the highest frequency of references to deceased mothers and fathers, respectively.… Read the rest