Science In Advertising: Legite Or Snake Oil?

Photo Credit: Garrettc
Photo Credit: Garrettc

Whether through hype or genuine disruption, advertising is one industry where science, math and optimization sit center-stage. To advance this conversation, I’m moderating an executive panel at OMMA Hollywood on Monday to probe the validity and ramifications of digital audience aggregation and targeting in the advertising business. What’s your take on this story? What hard questions would you ask? Here’s the gist:

The New Science of Advertising: From the 400-plus ad networks that exist today to the new audience aggregation ventures launched by the likes of Havas Digital and Publicis’ VivaKi, it’s clear that a new science of advertising is overtaking the way ads are bought and sold. Upwards of 40% of publishers’ inventory is now sold on the secondary market, up from just 5% three years ago. Meanwhile, agencies are starting to aggregate audiences into networks, too-actually decoupling them from the content they’re viewing. Both trends enable the scientific tracking of consumers as they navigate across cyberspace. What happens to publishers now that ad networks and agencies are shifting their focus to audiences rather than content? Will the trend spark a resurgence in brand advertising on the Internet, or will it ultimately push branding further behind direct response?

Joining me for this discussion are:

Is there something to this “new science”?

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