Good Profits = Growth & Customer Promoters

At the recent Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) conference in Orlando, Fred Reichheld of Bain & Company delivered a keynote based on his new book… The Ultimate Question: Driving Good Profits and True Growth. He argues that customer satisfaction is more important than any business criterion except profits, and that one simple question can best measure customer satisfaction (and thereby result in a strong Net Promoter Score): “Would you recommend this business to a friend or colleague?”… Read the rest

GM to Car Shoppers: Google Pontiac and Discover For Yourself

While participating in the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) conference last week in Orlando, Florida, I caught one of General Motor’s 30-second regional television ads for its Pontiac brand. Television ads often stimulate Internet search behavior by increasing brand awareness or sparking curiosity, as often demonstrated by Hitwise.… Read the rest