On Humanity And Clean Water

We recently hosted Peter Thum at Clickable‘s Interesting Cafe, our monthly culture night and open house. Peter’s the founder of Ethos Water, which has generated over six million dollars to help a half-million people around the world get clean water, as well as hygiene and sanitation education. His story is amazing: He first had the idea for Ethos in 2001 after working in South Africa, where he saw water issues firsthand. In 2002, he left his job to pursue his vision to address the world water crisis and help children get clean water.  He led Ethos as its President from idea through to its acquisition by Starbucks in 2005. Below is a video interview I shot following his talk.

(Leave a comment if you’re interested in joining us at future Interesting Cafe events. It’s open to our entire community and draws a lot of interesting people from technology, startups, media, academia, music, art, science, etc.)


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