Introducing The Clickable Guru’s Guide To Search Engine Marketing (And It’s Free)

2009 Clickable Guru's Guide To Better Search MarketingWhen I joined Clickable in late 2007, we began assembling a team of experts dedicated to public service – to help struggling marketers succeed in search advertising. We named them “the Clickable Gurus.” For over a year, they’ve contributed expertise directly to hundreds of marketers in popular online communities, face-to-face, and on this blog. They’ve indirectly helped tens of thousands of marketers by leaving a permanent record of their wisdom and teachings on the Web. Indeed, the Clickable Gurus have been one of Clickable’s most valuable investments to listen and connect with the search-marketing community. As a result, we’ve made better products for our customers.

To commemorate the Clickable Gurus’ debut after one year of undercover service, we’ve released the first anthology of their teachings: The 2009 Clickable Guru’s Guide To Better Search Engine Marketing. You can download the free electronic version, and you can purchase the hardcopy at LuLu for $9.99. I’ll send you a free hardcopy, if you promise to give it an honest review on your blog, Facebook or Twitter.

Along with the book launch, we also deployed the Clickable Help Forums, so customers can easily connect with one another, the Gurus and the rest of the Clickable team. Finally, we launched our first contest to identify the next Clickable Guru.

Online video is one of my hobbies, so I channeled my ninja skills to create a Guru Video over at the Clickable Blog. We’d love your feedback on this customer engagement program.

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  1. SEM is something that needs continuous learning and the ease to change the monotonous pattern that you've been following since the past….. however to get the latest information you need to search out a trustworthy source and this is a modest beginning for it… thanks for the free ebook… appreciated 🙂

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