Introducing Beardvember

Max Kalehoff - Movember 2012Just kidding.

Thanks to all who contributed to my Movember campaign to help raise funds and awareness for male cancer research.

I hope I made you proud with my nasty truck-driver mo.

It’s now gone, but you can cherish it in the accompanying moshot.

I raised a collective $420, my Syncapse New York teammates $1,115, and my Syncapse global teammates $3,005.

I’d like to say thanks to my campaign contributors, like Geoffrey Hawkins, Edd kalehoff, Tom Cross, Vernon Steward, Kevin Korpi, Dorothy Sammartino, Michael Scissons, C.C. Chapman, Jesse Terry, Marc Poirier, Persia Tatar and “Anonymous” (who is actually Trend Micro).

If you’re a bro, get yourself checked out.

‘Till next year…

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