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Harold Burson, the living PR legend, just started a blog. He is — perhaps more than any other individual — someone all PR professionals and business leaders should strive to emulate.

I first met Harold after I was accepted into his "Harold Burson Summer Internship," while an undergraduate at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School over a decade ago. Among my favorite characteristics were his humbleness, massive collection of fascinating life stories, and ability to listen and offer thoughtful response. He also ran one hell of an intense intern program, which was a major influence on my earliest professional years. In fact, it led to my first fulltime job after college. I spent nearly three years at Burson-Marsteller and the larger Y&R family.

While my marketing career has grown more comprehensive than strict PR, Harold, his agency legacy and the lessons I learned there on the job still have an important and positive impact on my professional path.

So, without a blink, I’m subscribing to his blog! My advice to Harold (take it or leave it): Instead of sending industry colleagues those extremely long, infrequent e-mail updates, deliver shorter and more frequent nuggets via your blog, like your first post. And perhaps that’s the plan. (I guess you can keep the email delivery as well, but I’ll take the RSS option. Thank you.)

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