EVENT: Rising Concern Over Advertising To Kids

Critics fiercely argue the childhood obesity epidemic may be attributed directly to advertising, and that government intervention and regulation is needed immediately. As a new parent, I resonate with this stance. My son is only nine months old, but already I notice his susceptibility to colorful food packaging and promotions as we walk down grocery aisles.

As industry introspection and debate heat up amidst rising scrutiny from the FTC and Department of Health, my colleagues at Nielsen BuzzMetrics have been monitoring Internet buzz and determined that consumers are paying much closer attention, with online discussion around the issue more than doubling versus last year.

nbzm_advertising to kids_08-03-07

Today at 12:30PM EST, in my weekly online seminar about consumer-generated media (CGM), I’ll be joined by my Nielsen colleague David Weisenfeld, a researcher specializing in the consumer-packaged goods (CPG) sector. He’s going to present the team’s latest findings around consumer buzz and sentiment around “Advertising To Kids,” including:

  • Buzz patterns around advertising restrictions are similar to recent trans-fats backlash — in terms of the trajectory and sentiment. The polarized buzz is particularly interesting because consumers are debating the role of personal and corporate responsibility (kind of like with trans-fats).
  • Some consumers are glad that some corporations are promoting healthier foods and lifestyles for children, but others think it’s a self-serving tactic to avoid government interference and litigation.
  • Consumers are aware and talking about those corporations which are opting into child-advertising restrictions.

If you’d like to join us today, or download later a recording of our discussion, register here.

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