Advertising Research Foundation Unveils ‘Engagement’

The Advertising Research Federation just (warning: clunky PDF) released its definition of engagement:

“The Definition of Engagement is turning on a prospect to a brand idea enhanced by the surrounding context.”

More background from the news release:

As the advertising industry grapples with the profound changes in media, marketing and the emerging empowerment of consumers, the concept of engagement has emerged as ‘more of a demand creation’ paradigm than the ‘reach or awareness focused’ paradigm of the past twenty five years.

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Advertising Research Foundation – David Ogilvy Awards

I went to the Advertising Research Foundation‘s David Ogilvy Awards Gala last night at Cipriani Wall Street (a great venue), and my group (Nielsen BuzzMetrics peeps) were guests at Paul Donato’s table. Paul is a reserved guy, super-smart and has one of the most interesting jobs in market research — as chief research officer of Nielsen Media Research, the standard in television ratings.… Read the rest

Secret To Great Panel Presentations: Lose The PPT

Guy Kawasaki in his common-sense post about how to be a great conference panel moderator:

Never let panelists use PowerPoint. Even if the panelists are CEOs and Nobel Prize winners, never let them give a “brief” PowerPoint presentation. If one panelist uses PowerPoint, everyone else will want to.

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