Secret To Great Panel Presentations: Lose The PPT

Guy Kawasaki in his common-sense post about how to be a great conference panel moderator:

Never let panelists use PowerPoint. Even if the panelists are CEOs and Nobel Prize winners, never let them give a “brief” PowerPoint presentation. If one panelist uses PowerPoint, everyone else will want to. Then the session will encounter the technical difficulty of making multiple laptops work with the projector or the challenge of integrating presentations into one. Forget it.

Agreed! Powerpoint is just so overused and abused in presentations, meetings and conferences. I’d like to see an anti-PPT movement – just go it naked. Hell, let’s even get rid of some of the excess conferences (at least in the Interactive, marketing, media and publishing industries where I work) so there will be fewer people subject to all the Powerpoint abuse.

(via David Berkowitz via Mike May, two cool industry colleagues I often encounter on the marketing conference circuit)

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