11 Reasons Why Thanksgiving Is The Best Holiday

For me, Thanksgiving is the best holiday because:

  1. It’s simple (versus Christmas).
  2. It includes a long weekend to rest.
  3. Home-cooked comfort food is central.
  4. A few glasses of good wine is expected.
  5. Three days of the long weekend follow any food and wine binging that takes place on the first day.
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Get Your Dirty Hands Out Of My Kitchen Sink

One cardinal sin in a professional kitchen is to wash your hands in the same sink where you wash dishes or prepare food. Why? It’s unsanitary. Hands carry lots of germs. That’s why professional kitchens have separate sinks dedicated to hand-washing.… Read the rest

NYC Health Dept Shut Down My Favorite Steak Restaurant

Say it’s not so! On my commute to work this morning, I noticed the NYC Health Department shut down my favorite steak restaurant, Kitchen Confidential Anthony Bourdain‘s Boucherie Les Halles, in New York City. I’ve dined there at least six times so far this year.… Read the rest

Please Please, No Cloned Farm Animals In My Diet!

Despite the shortcomings of my own diet, I just don’t feel good about eating cloned farm animals. And according to discussions in the blogosphere, numerous others also disapprove of the FDA’s tentative decision to stamp the "freak food" edible.… Read the rest