Carmakers Woo Youth With Web Videos

The Detroit News has a good story on marketer-driven content, or, more accurately, online video directed at consumers who are increasingly immune to old-fashioned TV advertising. Aaron Lenzini, a vice president with the William Morris Agency in Beverly Hills who manages General Motors Corp.’s efforts in Hollywood, said something very important in the burgeoning age of TiVo-biased, commercial-skipping, elusive audiences:

It’s about telling your own stories through entertainment. It’s a brave new world of media and entertainment. The key is to lead with the entertainment. Don’t make it a commercial.

And when you connect the dots, one topic that always makes its way into the discussion of online, marketing-driven video is consumer engagement, participation and discusion itself. The gap between a marketers’ video content and highly visible, searchable, everlasting consumer discussion literally closes in a single click when you’re online. WARNING…I offered my two cents in this story.

Published by Max Kalehoff

Father, sailor and marketing executive.

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